PMS(Pre Menstrual Syndrome)

Ever wondered how does it feel like?

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Ever wondered what your female partner goes through every cycle? You know what you go through — walking on eggshells around her for some five days, trying to stay away as much as you can, not giving her any chance to overreact. That’s what you feel she does in those days, don’t you?

Well you know your side of the story very well, now let me give you a glimpse of hers.

It feels like everything in life has suddenly become so difficult. Nothing seems to be going right.

Everything gets under the skin and I mean everything — people talking, phone ringing, the daily chores, getting out of bed! One minute we are trying to be happy and the next the heart sinks into deep despair. It feels like we are about to lose it, no matter how much we are trying to keep it together.

We want someone to love us, comfort us but the catch is we can’t stand anyone right now. We are reminded of everything that is going wrong in our life — things which we made peace with, people about whom we stopped caring about, regrets that we have let go of. Everything comes back to haunt us.

A huge sadness looms over like a dark cloud, so heavy. It could drench our entire being and those around us, if it bursts. I like to call it the Dementors, as it really sucks out the happiness from your life.

And all of this is just the mental part of it. There is that chronic fatigue too, where the body just feels too heavy to even move, and the random flashes — how can one forget them! One minute we are shivering from cold under our blanket and the next we are hot as a pan, sweating like a pig as if our whole body is on fire.

So this is what PMS feels like more or less. This is what every three in four women feel like every twenty eight days, more or less.

It’s not a sickness that one could get a sick leave for. This is not something which shows up on a thermometer, and can get one out of their chores and work. This is not something which we can talk to everyone about.

Most men won’t be even able to comprehend it, because they most likely have never heard about it. Because their mothers had never mentioned it to them for whatever reasons.

But I feel this is the time to educate people around us of what we go through every month! We should let them know how we need their compassion and kindness, through these difficult times. Because even Harry couldn’t fight with the Dementors alone!



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Shilpi Agarwal

Shilpi Agarwal


Writing helps me declutter my thoughts and see clearly. I write to learn!